What is the Index?

The measurement of prosperity is an important task for all leaders, and for those who hold them to account. It is the real test of whether a nation, state, or community is truly fulfilling the potential of its people, in terms of both their productive capacity and their collective wellbeing, creating an environment where a person is able to reach their full potential.

Drawing upon the Legatum Institute’s 14 years of producing a global Prosperity Index and informed by the expertise of 40 U.S. advisors from across academic, research institutions, and think tanks, we identified 215 indicators gathered from over 80 separate data sources that best measure the 48 policy focused elements within the 11 pillars and 3 domains to produce the United States Prosperity Index.

The comprehensive set of indicators, at a state and county level, provides a rich and policy-focused dataset, allowing the potential of all states (and all counties in the selected states) to be identified and understood. This enables much more targeted policy responses that can drive tangible improvements in prosperity.

Our ambition is that national, state, and local governments, business leaders, investors, philanthropists, and civil society leaders across the U.S. will use the Index to help set their agendas for growth and development, and that others will use it to hold them to account.

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Further detail of the underpinning structure of the Index can be found in the Methodology report, available in the Downloads section.

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