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About prosperity in the U.S.

The USPI demonstrates that prosperity is not evenly spread across the U.S. Those living in the Northeast region are still significantly more prosperous than those in the Southwest or Southeast. Five of the top 10 states are located in the Northeast, while nine of the bottom 10 are in the South.

This North-South divide is particularly concerning in the domain of inclusive societies, which captures the institutional aspect of prosperity and includes elements such as levels of crime, the rule of law, political accountability, discrimination and social tolerance. The data suggests that a lack of strong institutions means that, in many parts of the country, economic policies have increased wealth-generation, but this has not translated into better health, education and living conditions. 

How prosperous is the United States?

"No state has yet succeeded in fostering a high degree of both economic and social wellbeing for its population – there are opportunities for all to learn from each other"

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